The email security solution for modern businesses

Email is the most common IT security threat for organizations

Hackers use email as the primary method to attack your business. Malware, phishing, URL-based threats, impostor-driven schemes and many other forms of attacks start by delivering harmful content to your employee email inbox. Actamos gives you peace of mind by protecting your people and your business.

Total Protection


Actamos shields your mail server from the external world.


Actamos detects all types of email threats.



Actamos places dangerous emails in quarantine.

Deliver Email


Good emails are instantly delivered to your employees.

email security at its best

How it works

How it works

1. Actamos sits between the external world and your mail server

Email sent to your domain encounters Actamos on its route. Thus, your mail server is shielded from the external world. Therefore, Actamos provides protection not only at the email content level, but it also protects your mail server from direct attacks.

2. Actamos examines incoming email

Actamos can detect different kinds of threats will it be phishing, ransomware or traditional viruses and other malware.

3. Actamos places bad email in quarantine

Whenever Atamos detects dangerous emails, they are placed in quarantine. Thus, bad email never reaches your recipients. Your employees only get notified when such incidents happen. These emails can be safely viewed via Actamos Console.

4. Actamos delivers good email instantly

Actamos delivers good email to your employees. Thus, to you Actamos is a totally transparent system.


Remember! Over 90% of cyber attacks start with phishing attacks on your email. Let's protect your business.